Our practices

At Databarn, your data is our passion. We are constantly developing and thus always ensuring the protection and security of your data. On this page you can read more about Databarn's customs in the field of infrastructure and education.

Our infrastructure

  • Our cooling systems are of the Trane and Stulz brands. With these high-quality brands, we can guarantee customers that their equipment is always cooled.

  • Our UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is from GE (General Electric) and this system is also used in hospitals and other environments where electricity is top priority. The system is assisted, if necessary, by diesel generators and batteries without interrupting the supply of power.

  • In our data centers, there are "meet-me" rooms where every fiber/cable provider is present to connect to your infrastructure. With that, our staff monitors the network 24/7.


Besides the fact that Databarn provides services to its clients, the data centers are a place of public knowledge. Databarn is happy to share this knowledge with all of its clients, and there is no additional charge for this. We provide free knowledge on how our clients can run their data center-related businesses optimally. With this point of view, we help our clients to grow and with this we would like to build a good long-term relationship.

Databarn is also a recognized learning company that trains many interns every year. In the areas of ICT management and administration, we have internships available. We offer students a good learning curve with all data center-related products and services to be prepared for the future. Please contact us for more information!

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