Security & Accessibility at Databarn in Amsterdam

At Databarn, located in the heart of Amsterdam, we know that the protection and security of your data is our highest priority. We work on our security every day to keep everything up to date. Databarn is a small data center where you are a familiar face to us - and not a number. You interact with permanent employees, as it should be with a family business. We are a 100% Dutch data center.
Our data center is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems such as advanced surveillance cameras and biometric access controls. This allows us to not only prevent physical intrusions, but also ensure a quick response to any incidents.

Strategic Location 

Amsterdam is known worldwide for its excellent connectivity and as a hub for data connections. Our central location ensures fast and reliable access to various networks, which is essential for companies seeking optimal data connectivity.

Excellent Accessibility

Located in the vibrant heart of Amsterdam, our data center is easily accessible via various means of transportation. Whether on foot, by bike, by car or by public transportation, you will be right next to our data center. Our location is located about 200 meters from the metro or train, 10 km from Schiphol Airport and we have private parking spaces with charging facilities!


In 1999, Databarn Rivium B.V. & Databarn Amsterdam B.V. were founded by the company We-Dare. Since 2015, We-Dare has separated, allowing Databarn to fully focus on data center services. Customers have the flexibility to choose the most attractive data center based on location. There is also the option to choose both data centers through a dual solution.

As a small organization, we prioritize customer focus, enabling quick decision-making. Our goal is to foster the best customer relationships combined with our offering of high-quality facilities and services.


From the two data centers, a third organization has emerged, namely WD6.NET. This company has its own network and (MPLS/VPLS) connections within the Databarn Data Centers, in addition to other suppliers and providers. An overview of these can be found under Carriers. Visit the website for more information. Therefore, we can offer data center services in combination with internet service provider services.



In addition, the Databarn Data Centers are ISO 27001:2013 certified, and the air conditioning and UPS systems comply with the standards within the data center industry.

We continue to look forward and are currently working on obtaining new certifications. We expect to receive these in the short term.

In our data centers, we use high-quality facilities, with both break and no-break power connections up to 32 amperes. The power and network are redundantly connected. Furthermore, the data center spaces are industrially cooled and secured 24/7. Check our facilities page for a complete overview.


Talk to one of our experts for a personal introduction to our extensive connectivity ecosystem.



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