Databarn has more than 25 years of experience as a data center in the Netherlands. The company emerged from We Dare B.V., our first company that was founded in 2000 in the Spaanse Kubus in Rotterdam. In 2004 we had the opportunity to take over a data center in Amsterdam, which offered us a great opportunity to create a geographically separated backup location. This data center was previously owned by Adam Curry and already operated under the name Databarn. To make a clearer distinction between our network and colocation offerings, we decided to adopt the name. With us customers have the freedom to choose the data center that best suits their location preferences, we also offer the option of a dual solution where both data centers can be chosen. Our data centers are also carrier neutral; Our customers can therefore choose their own internet provider.


Databarn, located in Amsterdam, is a 100% Dutch data center that distinguishes itself through personal service. At Databarn it is not just about providing services, but also about building strong and long-term relationships with customers. We know our customers personally and our experts do not hide behind procedures. We are a passionate team that converts challenges into tailor-made solutions and we are happy to provide advice.

At Databarn we believe it is essential that everyone feels welcome. We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment where every customer receives the right attention, regardless of the extent of their needs. Even if you only have one server, you are very welcome to join us. Our goal is to be not only your data center partner, but also your trusted advisor who guides you through every step of your growth and development.


At Databarn we know that the protection and security of your data is our top priority. We work on our security every day to keep everything up to date. Our data center is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems such as advanced surveillance cameras and biometric access controls. We also have a NOC-BMS system that monitors the performance and health of your network as well as the physical aspects of the building 24/7.

The Network Operations Center (NOC) is concerned with monitoring network performance, detecting and resolving faults and implementing changes in the network environment. The Building Management System (BMS) is then used to manage and control the physical aspects of the building, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, access control, energy management and the security system. This allows us to not only prevent physical burglaries, but also ensure a quick response to any incidents.



In our data centers we use high-quality facilities, with a break and no-break power connection up to 32 amps. The power and network are both connected redundantly. Furthermore, the data center spaces are industrially cooled, a smoke detection system has been installed and is secured 24/7. Databarn gives you the option to rent private rack space, private suites, private cages or shared rack space.

Do you want to move to our data center? You can easily use our loading and unloading quay. If necessary, we are happy to help you with your move and provide advice on optimally setting up your data center. At Databarn we ensure that you can easily scale up within our data center within a few days, and your business continuity is guaranteed due to our high availability and redundancy.




We are happy to assist you with free hands-on support during our office hours. In addition, you have 24/7 access to your servers with your unique key and your customers have access via portal (API available). Are planning to visit us? We warmly welcome you to our cozy meeting room, where you can also work in a private environment.



Databarn is fully cooperative and offers certified colocation services, including ISO 27001:2014 certification. This certification is a globally recognized standard that focuses specifically on information security. This means that Databarn follows strict protocols and procedures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, including data stored in our data centers. With the ISO 27001:2014 we give our customers the assurance that we attach importance to privacy, handle personal data with care and annually look at any improvements we can make. In addition, our air conditioning and UPS systems meet the standards within the data center industry. These systems provide a stable and controlled environment for the hosted equipment. Finally, we regularly test and train our systems and staff to ensure that we are always ready to tackle any challenges that arise.

At Databarn we strive to maintain the highest standards of quality, security and reliability within our data center. That is why we are continuously working on obtaining new certifications, such as EN 50600, which focuses on the design and operation of data centers. We expect to receive this certification in the short term and remain committed to continuously improving and innovating our services.



A third organization, WD6.NET, has emerged from the two data centers. This company has its own network and (MPLS/VPLS) connections within the Databarn Data Centers, in addition to other suppliers and providers. An overview of these can be found through Carriers. Also visit the website for more information. We can offer data center services in combination with internet serviceprovider services!



Amsterdam is known worldwide for its excellent connectivity and as a hub for data connections. At Databarn it is possible to connect almost any network supplier, partly because we are carrier neutral. Our strategically central position in Amsterdam-West ensures fast and reliable access to various networks, which is essential for companies looking for optimal data connections. In addition, our data center is easily accessible via various means of transport. Whether you come on foot, by bike, by car or by public transport - you will arrive at our data center in no time. Our location is about 200 meters from the metro or train, 10 km from Schiphol and we have private parking spaces with charging options!


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