Our state-of-the-art data centers provide the perfect environment for your IT infrastructure - whether it concerns one server, an entire rack or a private suite. With our experienced team behind the scenes, we offer you maximum security and undisturbed business operations. We offer you the best connectivity options, adapted to your wishes and needs. Because we know that every organization is unique, we are happy to work with you to create the perfectly suitable solution.



At Databarn, your data is our passion. We use high-quality facilities to ensure that the protection and security of your data is always guaranteed.



Databarn offers organizations the option to rent private rack space, private cages, private suites or even shared rack space in a reliable and secure data center, with racks ranging in size from 1 to 48 units. Databarn offers compact racks for customers who only need a limited number of units. These make efficient use of space without making any concessions in terms of security and connectivity. For larger companies that need to house a significant amount of servers and equipment, our spacious 48-unit racks provide ample capacity and flexibility. These different rack options allow customers to choose the exact amount of space they need, while at the same time taking advantage of our high-quality security and access control systems. Each rack, cage or suite is secured with personal keys and codes and you have 24/7 access to your own equipment with the personal access cards.


Databarn uses an N+1 setup with constant temperatures through climate control and cold corridors.


Databarn has 2 emergency power generators with a day and night tank, supported by an N+1 UPS system.


Our data center is monitored 24/7 by means of advanced surveillance cameras and access registrations.


  • In our data centers we use powerful GE UPS Systems with real-time battery backup, combined with 24/7 diesel-powered generators. Our GE-UPS N+1 systems have a high efficiency of up to 97.5%, with automatic battery checks every month.
  • Our data center uses a smart smoke detection system from PSS Fire Alarm Center and 24/7 security via the Galaxy Alarm Center. We also have a NOC-BMS system that monitors the performance and health of your network 24/7.


  • Certified colocation services 
  • High availability and redundancy 
  • 'Meet-me' rooms in which every fiber/cable provider is present to connect to your infrastructure 
  • Our facilities are strategically placed, with the energy supply 2.5 meters above NAP for extra protection against possible flooding 


  • High uptime 
  • Break and no-break power connection up to 32 amps per rack 
  • Power and network are both connected redundantly 
  • Our mains voltage is regularly checked using IEC61000-2-4 control 
  • Fast network connection and low latency with a large number of peering/IX partners 


  • 24/7 support and remote control 
  • 24/7 access for your customers per portal (Api available) 
  • We also offer in-house patch, coax, UTP, fiber optic and other connectivity options upon request 
  • Grow flexibly without worries about your IT infrastructure 
  • Transparent billing with online consumption reports per kWh for accurate cost analysis 


In addition to the fact that Databarn provides services to its customers, the data centers are a public place for knowledge. Databarn is happy to share this knowledge with all its customers and no additional costs are charged for this. We provide free knowledge on how our customers can optimally run their data center-related businesses. With this attitude we help our customers to grow and we would like to build a good long-term relationship.

Databarn is also a recognized training company that trains many interns every year. We have internships available in the field of IT management and administration. We offer students a good learning curve with all data center-related products and services to prepare them for the future. Contact us for more information!